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Flower Essences Remedies

Certified Practitioner from the Flower Essence Society, California USA

To see a World in a Grain of Sand, and a Heaven in a Wild Flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand And Eternity in an hour


William Blake

The psycho-emotional impact on the physicial body is something that has always impressed me. The interest about that mechanism increased during my studies.

During my studies, I often came to my teachers practice to observe them treating. Most of the time I have noticed that beyond the physical pain, there was always a stress or an emotional pain underlying. Most interesting, while easing the physical pain, there was a change about the emotional pain. Many scientific surveys showed evidences about those connections. We are not just a body with a mind, we are a wonderful and perfect blend of a body, a mind, a spirit and emotions. A soul incarnated. That is what makes us a human being. So I wandered : When a physical pain has its origins deeply rooting on some emotional pain, can Osteopathy be of an help for those patients ? By easing patient on a physical level using Osteopathy, is it a way to break free from others psycho-emotional patterns?

With those questions in mind, I decided to explore more that area and I chose to study the effects of Osteopathy on women who had a medical abortion (because the fetus wouldn’t be able to live) as the subject of my report to complete my 5 year full time program (5000+ hours). Indeed, physical pain looked like the same has women who had “normal” pregnancy and delivery, but the emotional pain was huge. Osteopathic treatments helped those women to go through those massive traumas. Using a gentle healing touch, is a lovely way to reconnect those traumatized parts of the body. The point of it, is to bring a feeling of ease and peace within the body to restore harmony.

After my graduation, I kept on searching a way to help patients even more. So I have turned to Flower Essences Remedies such as Bach Flowers Remedies. Those remedies are like “keys” which unlock doors (releasing specific emotional states) so the inherent healing forces within the body flow again. Lately (summer 2017), I went to California to study at the Flower Essences Society in Nevada City.

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